Aims and scope

Future Human Image ISSN 2519-2604 (Online), ISSN 2311-8822 (Print) attempts to assess a framework to the contemporary research theories in the fields of philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, neuroscience, futurology, sociology linked to the issues of forming a future human image.

Future Human Image  is a transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and intercultural journal.

Future Human Image serves as a forum for the exchange of information and views between academics and practitioners, NGOs and the community, data producers and users. 

We welcome the articles written by professional scholars and practitioners in:

  • Philosophy of Education
  •  Neurophilosophy
  •  Social Philosophy
  •  Philosophical anthropology
  •  History of Philosophy
  •  Philosophy of Mind
  •  Futurology
  •  General Psychology,
  •  Child Psychology,
  •  Differential Psychology,
  •  Cognitive Psychology,
  •  Educational Psychology
  •  Psycholinguistics
  •  Social Psychology
  •  Pedagogy
  • Education theory and practice
  • Curriculum
  • Psychopedagogy
  • Gender studies in education, etc.