Future Human Image: 10, 2018

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Anna Czyz. An Analysis of Polish Teachers Attitudes towards Inclusive Education

Iryna Khomenko. Empiricalization as a Trend in Argumentation Study

Pavlo Kretov and Olena Kretova. Symbolism of Auto-Descriptions of Modern Human: Anthropology as a Narrative Ontology

Iryna Liashenko. Pre-University Training in Ukraine: History and Contemporary Condition

Serhii Medynskii, Svitlana Shandruk and Svitlana Sovgira. Prospective View of Professional Study of Specialists in Physical Education and Sports in Higher Educational Universities of Ukraine (Based on the American experience)

Olena Polishchuk. Artistic Myth and its Interpretations of Cultural Heritage of the Eastern European Countries in the Popular Animated Films of the Post-Soviet Period

Rina Avinash Pitale Puradkar. Vivekananda’ Perspective of Universal Religion: Introspection

Nataliia Reva. Logic, Reasoning, Decision-Making

Sergii Rudenko. History of Ukrainian Philosophy: Teaching and Evaluation Methodology

Denys Svyrydenko and Dariusz Tulowiecki. Family Policy of the State as a Response to Social Security Threats

Amita Valmiki. Retrospection on Philosophy of Education of Gandhi, Vivekananda and Tagore for Futuristic Indian Education System: A Possibility!

Pawel Walczak. De-Communization of Childhood. Introduction to Research on Transformations of the Discourse on Child and Childhood in Post-Communist Poland

Valentin Yakushik. The Timeless Value of a Pluralistic World

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