Future Human Image: 11, 2019

All in one file

Svitlana Balinchenko. Mythologeme-Related Crisis of Identity: Reality and Fictional Markers of Alienation.

Anna Czyż and Denys Svyrydenko. Science Education as a Response to the Needs of the Modern Open “Education for Everyone” System.

Bożena Frączek and Anna Gagat Matuła. Knowledge and Behaviour in the Field of Saving by Young with Asperger Syndrome. Challenges for Financial Education.

Tatiana Hajder. Spiritual Crisis as a Sign of Time: the Projection of the Problem in the Fiction of the Slavic World.

Violetta Lappo. Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Formation of the Spiritual Values of Students in the Conditions of Higher Education Institution.

Wiktor Możgin. The Condition of a Modern University — Is There a Problem?

Eugene Piletsky. Consciousness and Unconsciousness of Artificial Intelligence.

Daria Pohribna and Vadym Tytarenko. The Ways and Means of the Ukrainian Nation’s Self-Determination: a Philosophical Look into the Future by Julian Vassyian.

Zoya Shwed. Theoretical Approaches to the Study of the Economy of Religion.

Grigory Smirnov and Alena Odintsova. “Homo Nooeconomicus” as a Human Image for the Noospheric Epoch.

Yaroslav Sobolievskyi. Philosophical Ideas of Roger Williams in the Treatise “A Key into the Language of America”.

Bogdan Trocha. Anthropological Aspects of Józef Tischner’s Philosophy of Drama.

Vitali Turenko and Nataliia Yarmolitska. Key Aspects of Explication of Thinking in the Sergii Krymskyi’s Legacy of the Soviet Period.

Chengzhang Zou and Weizhen Gao. China as a Subject of International Education: Experience of Developmen.

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