Future Human Image: 1 (4), 2014


Bazaluk Oleg.  Neurophilosophy in the Formation of Planetary-Cosmic Personality (ENG)

Brodsky Clava.  Perils of the Future: A Discussion of Marx’s Secularization Thesis (ENG)

Cabrejas Enric.  Karuo – the Iberian Secret (Book review) (ENG)

Hanaba Svetlana.  Freedom of Education as a Prerequisite for the Development of Creativity (RUS)

Hubenko Anna. Integrative Pedagogical Bioethics (ENG)

Isaacs Tracey. Critical Agency in Educational Practice: A Modern South African Perspective (ENG)

Klyushkin  Valentin, Miscshenko Alexadr, Fedorov Alexei . Innovation potential teachers of vocational schools and colleges: essence, development factors and reasons interdisciplinary research. (RUS)

Matusevych Tetiana. «Unequal Equality»: Axiological Aspects of the Single-Sex Education (ENG)

Ostapenko Andrey. The Process of Development and Types of Pedagogical Diagnostics (RUS)

Petinova  Oksana.  А New Homo Economicus – is the Future Human Image: Methodological Research Tools (UKR)

Polischuk Natalia. Space Human Activity and Education of Spiritual Persons of Space Other Planetary Future in the Third Millennium (UKR)

Rivkin Naphtali. Julius Caesar and the Art of Rhetoric (ENG)

Ruano Javier, Galeffi Dante, Ponczek Roberto The Constellation of Twinned NGOs-Schools: A New Transdemocratic Horizon in the Global Citizenship Education proposed by UNESCO for the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda (ENG)

Rybalka Valentin. Scientific Definition of Personality, Its Content – Frequency and Anti-nomian Formulas, Personological Intelligence of Psychologists and Educators (RUS)

Shindaulova Raushan. Philosophical Understanding of Noohumanism Genesis as Basis for the Formation of Pedagogical Concept of Forming Noohumanistic – Oriented World-view (RUS)

Chala Julia. The Essence of Man’s Future as a Personal Choice of the Individual (UKR)

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