Future Human Image: 3 (6), 2016

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Nataliya Aleksandrova. Cross-Cultural Competence of Specialists Engaged in International Business, Economic Relationships and Management: Content and Structure (With a view to business challenges) (ENG)

Oleg Bazaluk and Tamara Blazhevych. The Image of an Ideal Ukrainian Politician. Ukrainian National Idea (ENG)

Galina Beregova. Philosophy of Education: Pragmatism-Instrumentalism Concept of Forming the Future Human in Higher Education (UKR)

Olga Khrystenko. Education of a Future Human is the Key to Solving the Global Problems Facing Humanity (ENG)

Sergey Kostyuchkov. Place and Role Modern Man in Planetary Existence: Biopolitical Interpretation (UKR)

Iryna Lytovchenko. Role of Adult Learning Theories in the Development of Corporate Training in the USA (UKR)

Olga Nezhyva. Features of Formation of Ukrainian Education Policy (ENG)

Olga Petriashvili. Georgian Chronicles of Education (RUS)

Olha Shkyra. Poetry as a means of creative expression (UKR)

Denys Svyrydenko. Mobility Turn in Contemporary Society as an Educational Challenge (ENG)

Eugene Vdovychenko. Destructive Impacts of Corruption Processes on the Formation of Future Generations’ Mentality (UKR)

Valentina Voronkova. Receptions of Human Dimension in the Context of Anthropological Discourse of Humanistic Management (ENG)


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