Future Human Image: 7, 2017

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Oleg Bazaluk. The Strategies of Systematization of the Theories of Education. The Main Meaning and Features of the Theories of Education of Plato’s and Isocrates’ Lines (RUS)

Natalia Boychenko. Counterfactuality of the Ethical Norms of Higher Education (ENG)

Temyr Khagurov. Evil as a Subject of Sociological Cognition: Methodological Reflections (ENG)

Serhiy Klepko. Pedagogy of Peace and Philosophy of War: the Search for Truth (ENG)

Sergey Krichevsky. Cosmic Humanity: Utopia, Realities, Prospects (RUS)

Andrii Kyrychok. The Main Determinants of Improvement of Model of Educational Training of Specialists in the Field of PR Based on Competency Approach (ENG)

Yevhen Muliarchuk. The Experience of Calling: Educational Aspects and Cross-Cultural Comparisons (ENG)

Marja Nesterova. Educational Cognitive Technologies as Human Adaptation Strategies (ENG)

Roman Oleksenko and Lidiia Fedorova. Homo Economicus as the Basis of “Asgardia” Nation State in Space: Perspective of Educational Technologies (ENG)

Galyna Shevchenko. The Ideal Image of a Man: the Main Characteristics and Ways of Achieving (ENG)

Denys Svyrydenko. Divided Universities: The Postcolonial Experience of Contemporary Ukrainian Higher Education (ENG)

Arkady Ursul and Tatiana Ursul. Education and Globalistics (ENG)

Valentina Voronkova and Olga Kyvliuk. Philosophical Reflection Smart-Society as a New Model of the Information Society and its Impact on the Education of the 21st Century (ENG)

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