Future Human Image: 8, 2017

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Oleg Bazaluk. The Theory of Education: “Those Who Transform the Universe” (New Book Announcement)(ENG)

Galyna Berehova. Philosophy of Education: Main Methodological Vectors of Moulding the Person of the Future in Higher Education (UKR)

Svitlana Cherepanova. The Subject of Culture Within the Objective Scope of the Philosophy of Education (UKR)

Vladimir Gukhman. A Man of the Future and the Modern Education Policy (RUS)

Hande Baba Kaya, Muhsin Hazar, Malik Beyleroğlu, İhsan Sarı and Atike Yılmaz. Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Aggression on Boxers (ENG)

Sergey Kostyuchkov. Specificity of Being and “Different Modernities” of a Person in the Contextual Range of Anthropological Conflict of Postmodernism (ENG)

Alexander Mishchenko. The Activities and Culture of Teachers: the Interdependent Factors of Their Development (RUS)

Andrey Ostapenko. Anthropologic Matrix of Human Education Completeness (RUS)

Dragana Pavlovic, Zorica Stanisavljevic Petrovic, and Milan Miljkovic. Humanistic Approach to Early Childhood Education in the Educational Philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (ENG)

Victor F. Petrenko. The Cosmic Sources of Religious Feeling (a possible hypothesis) (RUS)

Lilya Ryabovol. The Professional Training of Law and History Teachers as a Research Subject (ENG)

Sviytlana Storozhuk, and Ihor Goyan. Socio-Cultural and Ideological Preconditions of Gender Equality (ENG)

Аndrey Tsarenok. The Cosmological Potential of Byzantine Ascetic Aesthetics (ENG)

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